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The daily activities of any company require an expert advice in the field of accounting and taxation. The timely receipt of professional consultation allows the head of the company and its accountant to make the right decision on organization of work. We provide consulting services on a regular (subscription) basis or as one-time (if needed) consultation. The format of the consultation (verbal or written) depends on the wishes of the customer. Many years of experience in advising of our clients allow us to propose several forms of cooperation:

  •  Ad hoc consultations

The purpose of consultation is to get a competent opinion on your issue in the field of taxation and accounting. Conclusion on the matter of your interest can be obtained orally or in writing. To provide oral consultation company's employees are always ready to receive you in our office, and if you need an on-site consultation – they will schedule with you a time and venue of the meeting.

  • Consulting subscription service

Making a contract for consulting services for a specific period considerably simplifies the procedure for the provision of services and significantly reduces its cost. If necessary, you can get an oral consultation over the phone or in our office. Also, we can send you a written report on your questions by e-mail or courier


"ASB" consulting services include:

  • consultation of any complexity on accounting, tax and management accounting;
  • consulting services for the compilation of accounting policy for accounting and tax purposes;
  • advice on labor law, personnel records management;
  • tax consulting - assistance in the selection of the taxation system
  • tax advice about possible legal benefits;
  • advice on filling in all forms of accounting, tax accounting, as well as reports to the funds;
  • consultation about accounting certificates, accounts, official explanations to the tax authorities when responding to a received request;
  • consulting services on any matter related to the state registration of the legal entity;
  • advice to entrepreneurs starting a new business, as well as assistance in learning accounting and tax accounting, working with accounting software.

And this is not a complete list of consulting services our company can provide. We will answer all the questions that can arise in the course of financial and economic activity of your company. Our experts will tell you the correct way for representation of financial operation in accounting and how better work with it henceforward.

Consultations on accounting are provided by specialists of our company, who rely on their wealth of experience.

You can consult with the Deputy General Director for Accounting

Tatiana Viktorovna Miroshnichenko by calling any of this phone numbers:
8 (81369) 2-60-05; 2-64-62; 2-28-80,
or by e-mail: