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Promptly and competently performed audit allows businesses to detect in time and correct errors and omissions in financial and economic documents, optimize accounting and reduce business risks. ASB renders audit services for more than 19 years. Our company employs certified auditors, who pay attention to continuing professional education and personal development. Thanks to many years of work, our specialists have accumulated sufficient amount experience for solving practical problems in the field of accounting, taxation and tax planning.

We offer you to:

  • conduct an audit of the accounting, administrative, tax statements in accordance with current standards
  • consolidate financial statements
  • prepare accounting and tax statements of the company or holding company
  • resolve the issues related to the organization of accounting records
  • improve corporate reporting
  • make an inventory of assets

Auditing services offered by our company are provided in strict accordance with the Federal Law № 307-FZ of 30.12.2008 "About audit activities" and other regulatory legal acts, establishing rules and procedures for carrying out checks, auditors’ requirements, their rights and duties. Specialists of the "ASB" developed and systematically perfecting their own methods of in-house auditing standards, adopted based on existing legislation, to monitor the quality of performed work.

To conduct the audit, we are guided by the International Standards of Auditing, legislation of the Russian Federation, internal standards and procedures, as well as the following principles:

  • independence
  • honesty
  • objectivity
  • professionalism and integrity
  • confidentiality

During the audit, we take into account the peculiarities of financial and economic activity, business, organizational and functional structure of your company.

According to the audit results and analysis of financial condition, you will be presented the following documents confirming the reliability of the financial statements:

  • written audit information (report) to the management
  • the auditor's opinion on the reliability of the accounting (financial) statements

Over the time of its existence, "ASB" group has established itself as reliable and responsible business partner, able to resolve the problems of their clients of any complexity. We are looking for an individual approach to each client's problems, carefully study the issues and provide the optimal solution.

Every client is important for us!


You can consult with the Deputy General Director for Audit

Irina Anatolievna Yurina about the possibility of resolving your situation,

by calling any of these contact numbers: 8 (813-69) 2-60-05; 2-64-62; 2-28-80,

or via e-mail: