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Legal services

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Audit and Consulting Group "ASB" provides all kinds of legal services to business entities of all existing legal structures and sole proprietors (SP):

Registration of legal entities and sole proprietors:

  • LLC, public companies, joint-stock companies;
  • sole proprietors (SP);
  • nonprofit organizations;
  • registration of changes to the constituent documents
  • amendments and correction of errors to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE);
  • reorganization of enterprises
  • liquidation of companies

Legal services for organizations:

  • arbitration;
  • administrative disputes;
  • penalty losses (loss of profits, penalties);
  • tax litigations

Legal services for individuals:

  • lawyer consulting;
  • legal representation in court;
  • litigations with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
  • debt collection;
  • litigations with insurance companies;
  • family litigations;
  • protection of copyright and related rights;
  • hereditary litigations;
  • labor litigations with employers;
  • housing disputes

In addition, our employees provide legal services such as:

  • legal support of any civil transactions
  • regular legal service for organizations
  • appeal against actions of state bodies, court decisions
  • assistance in obtaining cash by execution writs
  • compensation for damage caused to health and property of the citizen by unlawful actions of other individuals
  • preparation of procedural documents (writs, objections to the claim, applications, settlement agreements, complaints, etc.)

The above list of services is not exhaustive.

We guarantee:

  • legal literacy
  • integrity and confidentiality of information received from the client
  • clarity and punctuality
  • high quality services in a short time

About your situation you can consult by calling any of this phone numbers: 

8 (813-69) 2-60-05; 2-64-62; 2-28-80