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ASB AUDIT COMPANY has been successfully working in the market of audit and financial services since December 28, 1995, and was one of the first to offer accounting and tax outsourcing.

The number of our customers is steadily increasing. Based on experience all of them could see the quality of the services we provide.

Up until 2011 ASB AUDIT COMPANY had been continuously operating under general audit licenses issued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance:

  • License number 005444 of 29.02.1996
  • License number 110490 of 29.05.1997
  • License number 001186 of 22.07.1999
  • License number E000734 of 25.06.2002
Since 2011, the membership in the self-regulatory organization of auditors is a essential condition for implementation of audit activity. Therefore, ASB AUDIT COMPANY became a member of the self-regulatory audit organization Non-profit Partnership "Audit Chamber of Russia" (the Principal Number of Registration Entry PNRE 10201001365). Since November 30, 2016 ASB AUDIT COMPANY becomes a member of the Self-regulatory organization of auditors Association "Sodruzhestvo" (PNRE 11606064221).

In 2002, ASB AUDIT COMPANY for the first time received a license from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for the city of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region on the performing of works using information constituting state secrets (License B 324200 of 26/08/2002). In 2006, 2008, 2012 after passing the appropriate checks, extended the license. Obtaining this license allowed us to work with the largest enterprises of “Rosatom” and Russian industry. 

In 2012, ASB AUDIT COMPANY performed a fifth license renewal to work with information constituting state secrets (License GT number 0096888 from 26.12.2017). 

Professional liability of ASB AUDIT COMPANY is insured in JS "AlfaStrakhovanie" for the amount of 500 million (five hundred million) rubles (Policy № 7864R/756/00003/7-01, issued on May 10, 2018) in accordance with the requirements for auditing. 

By the decision of the Commission of SRO NP "Audit Chamber of Russia" (Commission’s opinion № 2/4-61-9 от 31.10.2005, Commission’s opinion № 01/03/11-217-37 от 14.07.2009, Commission’s opinion №221 от 18.12.2014) and SRO of Auditors Association "Sodruzhestvo" (Certificate № 477-17/1-1127 от 20.10.2017) on monitoring the quality of audit services and compliance with professional ethics, the activities of ASB AUDIT COMPANY is recognized to be appropriate to the current legislation, audit standards, Rules of independence of auditors and audit organizations, Code of Professional Ethics of auditors. 

ASB AUDIT COMPANY has the capacity and resources to conduct audits, improve accounting and reduce tax and legal risks. Our team is a team of the highest-level professionals with all the necessary knowledge to provide services such as:

  • statutory and voluntary audit;
  • performing, restoration and maintenance of accounting, tax accounting, financial and tax reporting;
  • international standards based services of financial reporting;
  • full range of legal services and representation in court.
Specialists of ASB AUDIT COMPANY are ready to help you as auditors, qualified consultants, experts and analysts. 

The team of ASB AUDIT COMPANY has the advantage of extensive experience in providing audit services to companies in various sectors of the economy. A thorough understanding of business specifics, proficiency in audit, and individual approach to each client distinguish the work of our specialist. 

ASB AUDIT COMPANY will help you deal with any issue you are interested in. 
We will be glad to cooperate with you in any area of our services!